Wednesday, 9 May 2012

5 docrafts member galleries I LOVE and why

There are so many docrafts member galleries I love, but a few do stand out in my mind. I will be honest here, I don't spend a lot of time on line browsing through the gallery all day as I just don't have the time. My daughter keeps me very busy, not to mention my hubby and teenage stepson!!!
Here are 5 members I like to look in on though.....

1. SaraBee. Sara is such an inspiration, her monthly scrapbook challenges have really helped inspire me and help me catch up with all my endless scrapbooking! Not to mention her kind words and encouragment on all my projects and fellow docrafters alike.
2. DecOcards. Sandra also has a fab gallery. You can always count on Sandra to get involved and help you when needed. I love Sandra's clean and simple approach and her inspirational challenges.
3. Lisaxx. Lisa's cards are georgous and I recently had the priveledge of one Lisa's creations on my mantelpiece, thanks to the March friendship swap.
4. Cackcards. First of all you have to look at Ann's gallery for the simple fact of her screen name, lol. It makes me laugh everytime. Her creations are most definitley not cack. Just go and check out her wedding dress and shoes, they are amazing.
5. Incy. Kays cards are fab. A very friendly docrafter who has welcomed me into the community from the offset, alongside others of course!!

I think you should go and check out these galleries. They are all fab.

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